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January 10, 2016 David Bowie passed away peacefully surrounded by his family after an 18 month battle with Cancer.

"I don't know where I'm going from here but I promise it won't be boring" ~ David Bowie
Greetings Lords and Ladies of the realms!

I bring news of Labyrinth Masquerade!

Alright everyone the announcement is that the Labyrinth Masquerade will now be taking over the ENTIRE Millennium Biltmore Hotel! This is both a shock for some and a relief for others. I personally think this is really exciting considering we will now have more air conditioning then before, which is a must in humid Los Angeles. And for patrons staying at the Biltmore this will be a wonderful easy way to simply wake up to Labyrinth in the morning and walk down to the event at night. No waiting for a bus or traveling time. Here is a note via the website regarding the changes, please read if interested and to see pictures of the event venue:…

As of Yesterday Saturday Tea is SOLD OUT.
Tea is still available Friday night and so are most tickets, Pavillion tickets are selling out quickly so hurry and get yours soon!
Tickets will start mailing this week! So be patient they will be coming soon to your mailbox!

A big announcement is on it's way and I will update this journal when it comes through!

As for now we are only a few weeks away from Labyrinth! Start getting those costumes ready and plans for parking and hotel stays. I leave you with a few reminders for the Masquerade thanks to the lovely Christina Hall via Facebook group Labyrinth Masquerade Ball… :

The Biltmore Hotel or parking in a paid Lot near the Biltmore.

Pavilion Holders:
You should have received your letter in the mail. If you didn't, you can still check in at Will Call. Show up a little early if you want your choice of realm. Don't Forget your tickets include Pre-Show. See Times Below.

Will Call:
If you have not received your tickets, ordered tickets late, or received the wrong number of tickets. Please join us at Will call. Your ticket orders can be looked up either by your order name (Warning: order may be under your facebook nick name if you linked to your account) or your order number).

Pre-Show: 7pm (If you need to talk to Will call please show up a little early so that you don't miss anything)
Doors Open: 8pm Gates Officially Open at: 8:30
A line will form outside. Feel free to show up early and socialize but keep in mind you are in public and please be respectful.

Tea Room:
Please check in as early as possible if you have tea room tickets so that you can pick a good time for your group. Try to check in with your entire group so that you can make sure to get the same time/table if available.
It's not too late to purchase Tea Room Tickets!!! ***Sold Out Saturday***

Alcohol/Age Restrictions:
Don't forget this is an all ages event. However, Alcohol is available at several bars, as well as a Rare Scotch Bar (21+). Wrist bands are provided in line ahead of entry if you are interested in purchasing alcohol throughout the night. Please have your ID ready and face visible.

There will be a station/table to trade your Coin Card for the actual Coin.

There will be a list of shows/rooms/show times on a wall in the main entrance.

Questions/Help during the event:
If you should have questions or need help during the event. Please feel free to find a Sypher Knight or go to the front desk and ask for help. Your fellow guests are also quite helpful and several of the characters can step in or direct you to where you need to go.

Lastly, The number one rule is to please have fun and remember everyone else is trying to do the same. Be respectful and use sense in interacting with your fellow guests and the staff putting on the event. Remember, it is a Masquerade and you can never be sure who exactly you are interacting with.

Labyrinth Masquerade Ball Information and Tickets
Greetings Lord and Ladies of every Realm!

We are pleased to announce to all: News regarding the Masquerade!
This years dates have changed from around the beginning of July to the new dates of August 14th and 15th The website is now up and tickets are available for purchase! Hurry and grab your tickets now and get the "Early Bird" special for the Grand Package!

The website itself has not been updated and tickets are currently not available nor are discount codes for Hotel bookings. This DeviantArt group WILL keep you updated as information for the Masquerade becomes available.
I want to remind all potential patrons that Sypher group-whom puts on this wondrous affair works very hard to get information out as soon as possible. And as the Founder of this group I will do my best to get the latest information out for all of you.

Feel free to comment with questions regarding the event and myself and our contributors will do our best to answer them to the best of our ability!

We all look forward to another magical 2 nights in the Sypher Realm and hope that some of you can come and join us! For now please check out our photos for what the event looks like, costume ideas, and our lovely artwork from our fans and members! labyrinthofjareth.deviantart.c…

Reserve your hotel room at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel today! Mention CODE: 1508MASQUE or let the hotel know you are attending the Labyrinth Masquerade for discounts and special offers! Don't forget if you reserve a room at the Biltmore Hotel you will also have free shuttle service to and from the event!

Millennium Biltmore Hotel
506 South Grand Avenue 
Los Angeles,
California 90071 USA
Telephone: (213) 612-1575

Here is a list of the performances on Friday and Saturday evening:
The Band that fell to Earth (I've personally met the lead singer of this band and he's amazing!)
Bad Wolf
Seraphim Collective
Player Piano
DJ Fett
Greetings Friends!
We have only 6 more weeks until Labryinth of Jareth! Do you have your costumes ready? Have you purchased your tickets? Have you reserved your Hotel room? If you haven't done one or any of these things you better hurry!

Labryinth is also going to be introducing a new event on July 4th called "Lumina"

 photo LUMINA_zpscee509db.jpg
A symphonic experience in story and light
I don't know about you but this sounds so amazing! So get your tickets, get your costumes ready for an amazing night!

Tickets still available:…
Hello to all you LOJ fans and attendees! It's that time of year again when we get ready for the hustle and bustle of LOJ! Time to ready those costumes!

The dates have been set!

Friday July 4th and Saturday July 5th

The Millennium Biltmore Hotel is once again the sponsored hotel for LOJ. Get your reservations quickly and don't forget to purchase your tickets soon! They will most likely sell out! Tickets are available and nothing is sold out of as of yet. The website is having a few kinks that should be fixed by this Thursday (3/13/2014).

**Update!!3/11/2014- The Millennium Biltmore Hotel is NOT sold out yet. If you are attending the Ball the code to receive a discount on your room is: 1407MASQUE **

As always for more information please go to the website:

*I have received one complaint regarding the link via DeviantArt-please use this without spaces-I hope this helps: w w w . l a b y r i n t h m a s q u e r a d e . c o m

For Tickets go here:…

We will have more information as if it comes through!